UNDERGROUND PEARL was a two year collaborative project (2013-15) between artists Loren Beven and Katryn Saqui and fisherman Nigel Clements. It is one of five funded ‘Prosper Adventures’, a Canterbury Festival initiative designed and produced by The Map Consortium and Workers of Art.

The aim of the project was to collaborate with our local community to raise awareness of our history in contemporary ways through forming unexpected relationships, engaging in debate, encouraging collaboration and connecting to the sea.

Our collaborative practice is site and community responsive; we interact with a broad and diverse audience and respond to relevant issues through the memory of the people and events of the past that haunt our lives and shape the space around us.

Underground Pearl encouraged people to question and provided space for conversation and debate in unusual spaces in and around Deal and Walmer. Through creative provocations we enriched people's understanding of and connection with the world around them.

Loren Beven and Katryn Saqui continue to work collaboratively.


The project worked with the following organisations:



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