Creative Challenge Award 2014

May 2014


Cine-Boat won the Creative Challenge Award 2014. Cine Boat acts as a social platform and model for repurposing other spaces in a similar ways and acts as a mechanism for developing relationships between people and site.

A collaboration between The Sea Cafe staff and customers, Underground Pearl and Michael Tyburski, award winning director. In the spirit of Agitprop, blurring the lines between the studio, the gallery and the suburb, a two seater Orkney Spinner was temporarily converted into a mobile cinema. Angelfish is about a restless young man who moves to live aboard a sailboat on New York City's East River. It is an intimate tale about the lure of the sea and the rebellious, adveturous spirits that are drawn to it.
Michael Tyburski:



Cine-Boat Walmer