The Search and Rescue of Lady Lovibond

Saturday 29th March 2014
Dover Harbour Beach


Dover Arts Development commissioned Underground Pearl to design the creative concept for and project manage a lantern procession as well as deliver a set of workshops that would give meaningful context to the event.

We did this by basing the event on a local story about the ghost ship Lady Lovibond. The concept for the event was to enact the raising of the ship and the rescue of the drowned bride and groom and the rest of the crew.

In collaboration with Astor College for the Arts and Dover Rowing Club we reconfigured and illuminated a local myth to create a participatory street theatre event that enacted the Search and Rescue of Lady Lovibond. We used lanterns against the backdrop of harbour lights and brought together poetry, lanterns, music and performance.












Lovibond Procession

Lovibind Procession