Site Specific Art Salon

Sunday 29th June 2013
Walmer Beach


Underground Pearl hosted its first art salon on Sunday 30 June 2013 on Walmer beach at the boat Julie. Its task was to navigate new perspectives of enquiry through a trans-subjective exchange.

Dr Terry Perk, course leader MA Fine Art at University for the Creative Arts at Canterbury, was invited to lead the salon and directed the exchange through the use of radical semiotics, unpacking the poetics of the boat through notions of technology, geography and site.

The following guests attended the event: Kath Abiker, Course Leader for Art History at K College; Loren Beven, artist; Nigel Clements, fisherman; Peter Inch, art historian; Dr Pascal Lang, chemist; Colin Priest, Course Leader at Chelsea College of Art and Design; Nigel Rhodes, artist; Debbie Rowland, owner of Julie; Thomas Rowland, journalist and owner of Julie; Katryn Saqui, artist; Rachel Wolfe, artist (sketching the event).









Underground Pearl Salon

UNderground Pearl Salon
Photo credits: Katryn Saqui