Wise Words Festival

14 September 2014, Greyfriars Garden, Canterbury

Step into Cine-Boat and help us explore what ‘community’ means today
All Day | FREE

Blurring the lines between the studio, gallery and suburb, a two-seater Orkney Spinner has been temporarily converted into a mobile cinema. Parked out-of-place in a city park the boat echoes its film, Angelfish, about a restless young man who moves to live aboard a sailboat on New York City’s East River. Directed by award winning director Michael Tyburski this 10 minute film is an intimate tale about the lure of the sea and the rebellious, adventurous spirits that are drawn to it.

By stepping outside and leaving the humdrum chaos of the city, August, the protagonist in Angelfish may seem to be shunning his community. Becoming out-of-place by exchanging the hurly-burly of urban life for the rough and tumble of the sea he finds a connectedness to the community that is humanity.


A Salon Event| What role can art play in creating a new type of community?
5pm – 6pm | FREE

Referencing Bourriaud and Debord, Kath Abikerl facilitated a salon-style discussion that looked at how objects taken out of place and resituated can have the capacity to engage the viewer in social interaction - creating a new type of community via discourse around the object, the viewer and their lives.